Polynesian Symbols

The online dictionary of Polynesian tribal tattoo symbols

The online dictionary of Polynesian tattoo symbols is a practical guide to create your custom-made tattoo which will represent you.

The dictionary allows several types of searches :

- What does this design/pattern mean : tiki, shark, gecko, turtle, dolphin, manta ray, koru, etc.
- How to represent this aspect of my life (family, prosperity, fighting spirit, etc.) through Polynesian designs/patterns.


The dictionary also allows you to:

- create your tattoo. 
- know what the designs/patterns you like mean. 
- translate a feeling into designs/patterns… 
- talk with the artist about your choice for the creation of your custom-made tattoo. 
For all that, don’t forget to make room for the outside look and feeling of a good tattooist specialized in Polynesian style!

As a subscriber, you also have access to other practical pages:

- What is the symbolism of the body ?
… To choose the right place for your tattoo.
- How to become more creative and inspired?
… To create your « talisman-tattoo ».

Creativity, or the capacity to create what you desire in your life, everyone has it to various degrees: 7 steps to follow, to develop your creativity and manifest what you desire in your life, are explained.

Also: getting to know the Maori universe, how to differentiate the styles of all Oceania, view dozens of drawings and pictures organised by designs/patterns...
Hundreds of exclusive tattoo pictures of international Tatau conventions in Samoa, New Zealand, Tahiti.






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